Frequently Asked Questions


Your ID and insurance card are required at your follow-up. You will have paperwork to complete prior to your visit. Our paperwork is available on our website under the ‘Procedures’ drop down to complete and bring with you to your scheduled appointment.


The corporate billing office is located in Florida which is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. The office hours are between 8:00 am-4:00 pm EST, but you may leave a message and someone will be sure to call you back.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. You may contact the corporate billing office at 1-813-466-1101 or submit your credit card information on the back of your statement and return to our PO Box or Lockbox address listed on the statement.

Please contact the surgeon’s office for instructions. A $25 charge will be collected prior to paperwork completion.

Contact the hospital where you were seen and they will provide you with documentation from your hospital stay.

Depending on the complexity of the case, your primary surgeon may request for an assistant surgeon.

No, our offices do not handle patient payments. For timely processing, please contact the corporate billing office at 813-466-1101 or reference FAQ #3 for mailing instructions.


Rockford Mercantile acts as an extension of our billing department. They make further attempts for proper payment to reduce the patient’s financial responsibility.

If we are unable to collect proper payment or your insurance suggests billing the patient, you will receive a statement with instructions. After 30 days with no activity, your account is turned over to Rockford Mercantile. With your cooperation, Rockford Mercantile will work with you and continues with a more rigorous attempt to minimize and potentially remove any out of pocket expenses on your behalf. Please keep in mind all correspondences are sent to the address given at the time of surgery or your follow-up appointment. Please notify us for any changes made to your address to avoid incorrect delivery.

Yes, contact our billing department at 813-466-1101 to get setup.

If you have received a notice from Rockford Mercantile, call the number provided to touch base with your personal account representative as they will have the most up-to-date information regarding your claim/bill.


While we submit accurate claims, your insurance may not identify our urgent or emergent billing and may be processing your claim incorrectly. You may need to call them to have it reprocessed for proper payment.

Settlement offers should be faxed to the corporate billing office at fax # 1-813-527-0644.

Please contact the corporate billing office at 1-813-466-1101 and when prompted, press the option that identifies the area where you had services.

No, by paying you, your insurance is making you responsible for the bill. You must remit that payment to us within 7 days. The IRS may or may not deem this as taxable income, please contact your CPA. This can be avoided by submitting the original insurance check to our office.

Please send this information to PO Box 2667, Lutz, FL 33549 or you may call the corporate billing office for instructions at 1-813-466-1101. They will insure that your payment is expedited upon arrival and reflected on your account within 3 business days.

Please contact the corporate billing office at 1-813-466-1101 and when prompted, press the option that identifies the area where you had services. Provide your Insurance ID number and any billing information regarding when your coverage began.

Please contact your insurance for details regarding your denied claim and instructions to submit an appeal.  Confirm that your insurance is processing the claim as urgent or emergent in nature (reference FAQ #12).